- Found walking alone on a sidewalk. Taken to Hillcrest Receiving Home by police. Eventually released back to my mother.

7-19-1979 - Mother incarcerated, taken back to Hillcrest Receiving Home. Released back to mother.

10-17-1979 - Mother abandoned me in Hillcrest parking lot. I was 3 years old. Pillow 1

Exact date TBD - Entered my first foster home placement (Janet)
Pillow 2

9-4-1981 - Adopted
Pillow 3

10-7-1983 - Adoption relinquished due to poor bonding and behavior issues

Date TBD - Assessed at County Mental Health for 30+ days
Pillow 4

Date TBD - Entered New Alternatives Rainbow House (Group Home)
Pillow 5

11-28-1984 - Placed in foster home (Agnese)
Pillow 6

2-11-1988 - Placed in foster home (Elaine)
Pillow 7

9-1-1988 - Back to Hillcrest
Pillow 8

Date TBD - Emergency foster care placement
Pillow 9

10-13-1988 - Foster home (Agnese) takes me back
Pillow 10

2-2-1990 - Placed in Casa de Amparo a juvenile facility
Pillow 11

5-10-1990 - Placed in foster home (Maria)
Pillow 12

11-13-1990 - Placed in foster home (Joan)
Pillow 13

Fall 1992 - Placed in foster home (Sherry)
Pillow 14

Date TBD - Back to Hillcrest
Pillow 15

Found my family via letter to adoption reunion in April 1993.

5-1993 - Foster home (Agnese) takes me back
Pillow 16

July 1993 - Maternal Grandfather files for legal guardianship of me and becomes my legal guardian. I am 17 years old. Pillow 17 - Home at last.

* Some placements were not included in this timeline such as temporary foster placements (less than a week) and the brief times I spent in a foster home before my mother abandoned me.


Our Foster Family said...


Ami said...

Do you ever wish you could go back and talk to that precious little girl and let her know that things will be okay, that she will eventually be married, have children, be... okay?

My husband had a horrendous childhood with all kinds of abuses and abandonment and hurt. And he has often expressed a wish to go back and talk to the boy he was. Just to let him know he'd be fine someday.

For me, I'd like to go back and comfort that child. That little boy who was so hurt and could not trust.

You have an amazing story.