Working Girl

Just wanted to pop in with a quick update to my previous post.  I got the job!!  I start Monday and I am thrilled!  I've been home since I had my youngest son, and he is 3.5 now, and ready to be socialized.  He's excited for "school" and I am excited to begin a new career path!

Thanks for your nice comments on my earlier post.  I have big plans for this little blog, but my family needs to adapt to all the changes we will be making with the new job, school starting and getting used to the new, rigorous schedule (i.e. not sleeping in until 9AM anymore!)

Hoping to pop back in within the month!

Take care!

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Sunday said...

Congratulations! I am in the same boat, there are a LOT of adjustments that have to be made when mommy goes back to work. And as moms it is so hard to remember that we can't be everything to every one and we can't do it all!

I look forward to reading more of your story when you get settled in to your new reality. I wish you the best of luck!