This morning I realized it has been nearly a month since I posted here.  I have been enjoying the outdoors as weather permits.  It was a long long winter.  Now, between bouts of rain, the sun shines for a few moments and we are outside soaking it in. 

I've been working very hard to accomplish something that I should have accomplished a long long time ago.  I am almost to where I want to be and I couldn't be more excited and a little proud of my efforts!  Let's just say that I'm wiping out a major label that many foster kids get tagged with once they age out of the system. 

I'm also preparing to travel to Vegas once again as I have another dear cousin tying the knot there this weekend.

Needless to say, I come here when I need to unload the thoughts on my heart.  So, my absence just means that I am light hearted at the moment!

I hope you enjoy this upcoming Memorial Day weekend!

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