Easter Lily

Easter Lily

Bursting through it's pod, a blossom is born. 
Her vibrance cannot be ignored.
She brings happiness, comfort and peace.
Her fragrance is alluring.
She brightens up the darkest of rooms.
She breathes new life into the coldest of spaces.

Time is her cruelest enemy.
The delicate blossom withers under the heavy weight of moments passed.
She longs to shine, but her radiance is a distant memory.

She curls around her center, enfolding her precious cargo as her world goes dark.
Her petals crumble to pieces as the breeze scatters her into the earth.

Time, though a cruel enemy, he is also a great teacher.
Those who listen to his lessons know not to take him for granted.
With time, all things heal. All things renew.
Time gives, but some forget that time also takes.
It is when time takes, that the heart is most receptive to how precious time is.

Bursting through it's pod, a blossom is born...

-Tamara Dawn

*The above photo and poem are my property and cannot be republished without my permission.*

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